Indie capsule collection from ROELMI HPC is your precious comrade to meet the efficacy of product formulations without forgetting  the sustainability aspect of your beauty routine.

Indie collection lends you its hand for following your steps through your day and make sure that you can always be you… to your full potential!

Starting from your first awakening,  thanks to WAKE UP SKIN.

This freshwater lotion in spray form, it’s ideal to be vaporized on the face to regenerate immediately the tone of the skin and prepare it to take on the day. It is an indispensable product to be applied before the moisturizer because it prepares the skin to receive subsequent treatments.

After a good hydration is important to feel like a star and we have the good choice for you: SHINE ON ME HIGHLIGHTER smooth, weightless texture designed to give you an instant flash of light for unbelievable glow and the most seamless highlight.

But what to do if the day is not so sunny and bright? You can easily face a grey moment, how?

With a simple tagline: Caress and sublime your skin.

Start from SUBLIME MY SKIN, a bronzer that’s inspired by sun-drenched destinations for a sun-kissed glow and seals your result with a gentle caress; CARESS MY SKIN is a delicate veil powder works to visibly brighten skin while creating a silky, smooth and matte finish that lasts all day.

Now that you’re ready to face your day, remember that your eyes are the window to your soul, and, for this, they must be shining with their own light. You can’t go wrong with STARDUST EYESHADOW! It brings bling to eyes with this high-performance glitter powder that produces maximum impact.

Being your comrade means support you and take care of you during your whole day, and our Indie capsule collection cannot say goodbye without tuck you in for the good night: Don’t miss our WASH ME GENTLY, the silky cleanser will quickly and effectively remove makeup and pollution elements, leaving skin clean, refreshed rebalance the hydro-lipidic film.

It’s nice to be told, “see you tomorrow”. You don’t know how tomorrow will be, but you know there is someone ready to face it with you.