The scenario of beauty is changing because the consumer is dictating new beauty trends and also because the audience is more informed and aware of its needs, as well as eager to express his individuality.

Desires that the new indie brands, not linked to the big giants of the beauty market, but often launched directly from the web and social networks, welcome and realize because of their suitability to satisfy the desire of the customers: personalization and disruption.

CUSTOMIZATION is the key for these independent brands as they are able to fit perfectly every shade of the consumers. The options available in the cosmetic market are much vaster than before and you have to customize not only makeup but also skin, hair color, fragrance…

The way of being unique goes hand in hand with the willingness of disruption from the beauty standards we are used to facing. The cosmetic industry has accustomed us to a pronounced gender gap, offering products strictly differentiate between man and woman universe. The new frontier is a neutral beauty with great importance on creative expression rather than gender separation.

Indie brands embraced the mutation of human thinking and stand for a cosmetic where the importance lies in the self-confidence; being you, being real in every aspect of your life for a more inclusive way of thinking.