Indie beauty is composed by the brands of the moment, sought after by consumers all over the world who find them thanks to their multilingual channels and the great promotion work that these small companies do on social platforms where they can create entire communities and connect people.

The new Indie brands involve the end consumer firsthand, showing them what is behind the brand itself, telling its story, presenting itself not only as brands but also as a human being. The social networks allow them to profile and “hit” a certain audience, to segment consumers by understanding who they are, what type of life they lead, how they want to be perceived, what and who influences them and what they aspire to be.

The fundamental focus in the choice of the niche brand is the “listening to consumers“; learning and updating the offer based on what has changed, with the consciousness that there is no one identical person to another.

Transparency and empathy are here the keys to retain customers and let them feel part of something bigger where sharing the same values and ways of being.