Unlisted on the stock exchange, they do business and also give the multinational cosmetics companies a hard time.

Did you guess who? Not yet? You’re ready for the Indie beauty mania!

The ‘indie’ brands are small independent productions born from common people with passion or expertise in the cosmetic field. From researchers to doctors and beauticians, even housewives in search of better products for their family (if you cannot find them, you should invent them!). The last common theme for these brands is their belief in quality and sustainability.

They cover all sectors, from make-up to skincare, haircare to supplements and beauty tools.

Internet advent has not annihilated small productions, on the other hand, it has given them new business opportunities and a new creative boost to those who have been able to seize the moment and have multiplied the opportunities to do business even with a single idea. Brands that are born all over the world and have peculiar characteristics enhanced by their typical features such as being organic, vegan, following a precise and punctual trend or being representative of a certain territory.

The strong green footprint places them in a market share aware and attentive. For this reason, to promote the proliferation of Indie beauty brands is also an increasingly widespread desire to have news. The customers are looking for niche products which, to avoid misunderstandings, are not to be confused with necessarily expensive products. They are, in fact, little known or very specific lines for the use or nature of the formulations.