Have you ever wondered which is the key molecule for your skin and joint health? Don’t you guess it?

Hyaluronan, generally known as hyaluronic acid (HA) is our natural ally in everyday life, supporting your skin throughout all the day, starting from your morning daily routine, till the skin cleanse in the night, or watching the sunset while you run in the park, when your joints give their best.

HA is a natural polymer widely spread, above all, in connective tissues, where it stands at different molecular weights. Naturally produced by our cells and dramatically decreasing with age, it is fundamental to keep our skin properly hydrated and smooth and our joints lubricated and high-performing.

And what if we tell you it is the result of innovative and promising scientific discoveries? Indeed, in ROELMI HPC , Hyaluronan carries inside the great strides of the nutraceutical sector thanks to the Full Spectrum Technology. This proprietary technology allows introducing a new concept starting from an already affirmed active. Its boosted efficacy stands in a selective HA spectrum of defined molecular weights, achieved through a fine modulation of bio-fermentation processes, targeted for different applications.

Why can it support your health and beauty better than before? HA involvement in biological processes is specifically linked to its molecular weight. Mimicking the variety of molecular weights naturally present in the human body, Full Spectrum HA allows a fine-tuning effect on the cellular response, maintaining a harmonious and well-balanced physiological status, as confirmed by our researches.

The secret is now unveiled! The brilliance of your skin and the new impulse for your joints’ performance now come from within!