The skin is the first interface with the external environment, it represents a perfect protection barrier, but we often don’t realize that we are exposed to phenomena that can daily damage it and this is the reason why more than 80% of Skin Aging is caused by the EXPOSOME.

But what does it mean? The term “Exposome” describes all the exposures to which the individual is subjected since he is born. Let’s imagine taking a walk in the park surrounded by nature, or it just happens to everyone to take public transport or walk in a metropolitan area, right? In all these situations of everyday life there is the skin exposome, in fact, it is something very linked to lifestyle.

So, the point is: why does the exposome cause irreversible damage to our skin? We made a distinction among factors that come from Solar exposure, chemicals and others that include the urban environment, such as pollution. Sun rays can lead to the formation of superficial damage on our skin such as erythema and sunburn, UVA rays are even more dangerous and can penetrate deeper inducing damage that occurs with the formation of skin spots.

Another very relevant factor related to the skin Exposome is Pollution. It has been shown how the presence of heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Ni …) inside the polluted air, alter our skin barrier making it more sensitive and more permeable causing all those related skin disorders as acne, atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin .

What is, then, the ROELMI HPC approach to prevent and contrast the Skin EXPOSOME? Follow our topics under investigation and get in touch with your skin.