We all know that every circumstance has its perfect dress, but…have you ever thought that there’s a dress you always wear and whose care is not an extra? Yes, it is…your skin!

Throughout your life routine, the skin is your daily companion that refreshes with you for the day after when relaxing, sleeping and eating. Hyaluronan (HA) is the best ally for you both and ExceptionHYAL® Star is the missing link to empower skin health.

Don’t forget that a healthy skin is the most beautiful dress you can ever wear!

ExceptionHYAL® Star formulation is based on the Full Spectrum Technology, an innovative line of Hyaluronan ingredients, characterized by different molecular weight patterns and designed to meet specific targets, both in terms of absorption and effectiveness. Due to its wide range of molecular weights, ExceptionHYAL® Star supports skin rejuvenation thanks to its scientifically demonstrated biological effects. Every single HA molecule has a specific target and synergistically works hard to achieve the best result.

Due to its capability to break up into essential building-blocks, ExceptionHYAL® Star promotes beauty from within by moisturizing skin, by making it smoother and by renewing its elasticity. Its ability to stimulate endogenous HA synthesis can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines appearance, restoring skin brilliance.

Every age has its customized dress and ExceptionHYAL® Star gives the perfect value to your beauty.

Are you ready to show an exceptional look from now on?