A new publication about Intimique MD

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A new publication about Intimique MD

We are honored to inform all our customers about this new publication appeared on the scientific journal International Journal of Women’s Health Care, 2018 – volume 3, issue 1.

Dr. Vicariotto F. (Gynaecology Unit, Casa di Cura San Pio X Private Clinic, Milan, Italy) and Dr. Murina F. (Lower Genital Tract Disease Unit, V.Buzzi Hospital, University of Milan, Italy) and their team of scientists conducted the study.
They aimed examining beneficial effects of a new Lactobacillus strains association on Bacterial Vaginosis and Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. Bacterial vaginosis and vulvo-vaginal candidacies are bacterial infections widely spread among women in childbearing age. These infections are associated with altered or disturbed vaginal microbiota, in a condition defined as vaginaldysbiosis. Restoration of the lactobacilli flora seems a promising strategy for the treatment of these pathologies.

ROELMI HPC is pleased to get one of its active ingredients used in this valuable research: Intimique™, the Medical Device (class IIA) in the form of vaginal capsules, based on SynBalance® probiotics:

The scientific research was a pilot clinical trial for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidacies. The study involved women with diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis (30) or vulvovaginal candidacies (24). Vaginal capsules, containing the three Lactobacillus strains, were administered following one application per die for ten consecutive days. Patients received gynecological examinations before and after treatment, with objective examination, assessment of clinical symptoms severity and vaginal wet mount microscopy.
The treatment showed a complete resolution in 60% of bacterial vaginosis cases and around 40% in vulvo-vaginal candidacies cases. Further analyzing the subgroup characterized by a recurrent vaginal candidacy, the success rate was significantly higher than in the acute cases, showing a stronger effect of the product against persistent and chronic condition. The product showed a resolution of the vaginal dysbiosis through vaginal wet mount examination and no adverse effect were reported.
In conclusion, the presented clinical data support the use of the Lactobacillus vaginal composition for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and vulvo-vaginal candidacies.

Intimique MD is therefore useful for the:

  • Prevention & treatment of vaginal bacterial and yeast infections
  • Restoration of vaginal healthy conditions, recovery from local inflammation
  • Inhibition of pathogen adhesion and growth (G. vaginalis, A. vaginae, Candida and E.coli)
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