Athletes, professional or amateur, induce muscles to work harder and need more energy.

Mitochondria, ATP manufacturers, are more active during exercise and largely support the energetic demands of muscle tissue by oxidizing different substrates. However, the massive energy consumption leads to the production of large quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This condition leads to the preferential use of anaerobic energy production pathway, induces protein catabolism, fatigue and susceptibility to injuries and infections.

The synergistic activity of α-lipoic acid (ALA) and cysteine (CYS) has been studied since the 90s, demonstrating its efficacy and safety in numerous studies both in-vitro and in-vivo.
The two molecules act synergistically, taking the cells back to the reduced state, allowing mitochondria to work at a higher energy level and thus raise the anaerobic threshold. This activity results in decreased protein catabolism, increased lipolysis, and reduced lactic acid production.

In this study we wanted to demonstrate how the synergy of CYS and ALA, formulated in the α-LACYS RESET® ingredient to be stable and easy to digest, leads to improved scavenger activity, resulting in greater use of aerobic energy pathway in athletes undergoing systematic training.
In-vitro studies show that this complex has excellent antioxidant activity; moreover, it is capable of increasing mitochondrial membrane potential and at the same time rising lipolysis and anabolic function.

The results obtained in vitro were reconfirmed in vivo, performing two studies in different types of athletes, soccer players and bodybuilders.
Analyzing the serum antioxidant power and game performance of players during the soccer season, it is unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of the nutritional complex in reducing free radicals and hence oxidative stress, both before and after intense sports activity, taking the metabolism back to a reduced state, improving athletic performance and promoting recovery action.
The study of body composition and fat mass of 75 bodybuilders shows instead how integration with nutrition synergy leads to a reduction of fat mass and total weight, confirming a more pronounced muscular anabolic activity.

The results confirm once again the link between increased antioxidant activity of the cells and improved energy metabolism, favoring aerobic metabolism and thus maintain the lipolytic activity of the cells. The nutritional synergy analyzed here shows to be an excellent ally for sports integration before and post work out.

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