Project Description


Pleasure beyond the edge


From green chemistry technology, VeLLvet is able to confer a satisfying touch with unforgettable sensations, breaking the rules of beauty and bringing the user in a sensorial journey. It helps the compaction process, improving
product features


Powders are conceived to create a unique sensorial experience in the use of cosmetic products and more and more customers are willing to reduce their carboon footprints, while preserving the quality of the products they use in their daily beauty routine. VeLLvet is a step forward in ROELMI HPC's powders as a result of the continuosly-evolving research in responsable ingredients for conscious cosmetics.

What is it?

VeLLvet is an amino-acid derivative made from L-Lysine and Lauric fatty acid, developed by green chemistry process. It can be used as a texture enhancer for varied personal care applications.

What does it do?

Its specific structure of hexagonal flakes allows the development of a fine powder that imparts smoothing and spreading properties to cosmetic formulas, enhancing the skin adhesiveness.

*Prodotto non disponibile per il mercato italiano, per ulteriori informazioni contattateci.

In a few words

  • Natural-derived origin
  • Specific shape, extra-fine powder
  • Improvement of the formula spreadability
  • Full-bodied, silky, soft for an unbelievable touch

Added value

An advanced texture transformer with an innovative ability in imparting enjoyable touch and delightful skin feel.


  • Texturizer