Project Description

TechnoHYAL HAir Complex

Healthy scalp for healthy hair


TechnoHYAL HAir Complex is a hair active ingredients that:

  • moisturizes the scalp
  • improves the scalp health
  • smoothes the hair


TechnoHYAL HAir Complex comes from the idea of creating a ready to use solution for the treatment of hair and scalp. In fact, the ingredient can be easily incorporated into hair care formulations, bringing the best of selected hyaluronan effect in a new system of application.

What is it?

TechnoHYAL HAir Complex is a perfect synergy between the well known Hyaluronan and cationic guar gum formulated in a gel, ready-to-use to be easily incorporated into any hair care formulation for both leave-on and rinse-off applications.

What does it do?

There are two simultaneous main effects: the capacity to moisturize the scalp thanks to the hyaluronan (less dandruff and less redness) and the capacity to help the combing effect with the cationic action of the guar gum.

Biological target

Every day hair are submitted to physical and chemical stresses, e.g.: pollution, weather, aggressive shampoo… so it is necessary to maintain moisturized the scalp and to reinforce hair “ground” together with preventing hair damages.

Mechanism of action

TechnoHYAL HAir Complex moisturizes the scalp thanks to the activity of the Sodium Hyaluronate and helps to maintain smoothed the hair because of the action of the cationic guar gum.


  • Hair care