Project Description

SynerSHIELD™ Sun

Comforting soother


SynerSHIELD™ Sun moisturizes the skin and keeps it at higher levels, allowing for reparative actions. Its nice filming nature helps to prevent further dehydration by water loss. It also modulates inflammatory mediators, reducing skin discomfort and fighting against the accumulation of ROS.
The skin is soothed and re-energized.


The sugar-based synergy together with amino acids has been chosen to target a very strong nourishing and regenerating activity on the skin. From the capacity of nature of born again healing itself after strong sun exposure, ROELMI HPC developed SynerSHIELD Sun, the ingredient that recreates the same natural effect on the skin, giving it a new life.

What is it?

SynerSHIELD™ Sun is the natural lenitive & soothing ally resulting from on booster technology. It is a performing active designed for post-acute stress inflammation modulation.

What does it do?

SynerSHIELD™ Sun is the complete after-sun repair system able to reduce skin surface temperature and redness and to improve skin moisturization and microcirculation.

Biological target

Intense stresses like very energetic sunlight can lead to major changes in the skin, such as inflammation. UV radiations provoke increased production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and cytokines, leading to local inflammation and connective tissue degradation.
Sunlight also affects human skin via infrared radiation (IRR), perceived as heat, amplifying UVR effects and reinforcing angiogenesis or dehydration by loss of water (TEWL) through the damaged barrier.

Mechanism of action

Based on nutritive anti-inflammatory film-protective components, SynerSHIELD™ Sun regulates the release of cytokines to support the natural regeneration process of sun-irritated skin.


  • Skin inflammation
  • Skin redness