Project Description

SkinVeil 500

Your protective second skin

Ingredient benefits

SkinVeil 500 helps to soothe irritations, visibly calm any redness, restores epidermis protection and reinforces skin’s natural defenses. Especially dedicated to sensitive & reactive skins.

Ingredient story

Just like the delicate touch of a silky veil of the finest Italian quality on your skin, Nature engineered a film-forming molecule that non-occlusively binds to skin cells and bio-actively protects them like a second skin from mechanical, chemical or external aggressions.

What is it?

SkinVeil 500 is a protein extracted through a patented precise soft process insuring a minimum size of 500 kDa.
This exceptional size confers properties that smaller ones lack. Its high level of purity is obtained through a delicate step of pharmaceutical grade lyophilisation.

What does it do?

On a daily basis, SkinVeil 500 protects and soothes sensitive skins to help them regenerate and rebalance their physiology.

Biological target

As it ages or is submitted to external aggressions, a sensitive skin becomes vulnerable and cannot protect itself from the environmental factors, such as temperature variations, pollution or stress. This sensitivity can manifest in the appearance of redness, friction or an itching sensation

Mechanism of action

SkinVeil 500 can attract its weight in water thanks to its hydrogen bonds and Van Der Waals forces. It restores the barrier function of skin layers and reconstitutes the hydrolipidic protective film that reinforces its defenses. SkinVeil 500 also shows protection versus chemical irritant, and decreases the level of cytokines produced, soothing all types of skin, but especially efficient on sensitive ones.

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