Project Description

SelectSIEVE® Glitter

Shine on you


SelectSIEVE®Glitter is an eco-sustainable answer for skin dark spots and hyperpigmentation. SelectSIEVE® Glitter is proven to even out the skin complexion, resulting in a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Dosage: 200mg a day

Delivery Form: Capsules, tablets, sachets, sticks, drinks, syrups, shakes, functional foods

What is it?

SelectSIEVE®Glitter is a natural complex of polyphenols from olive by-products and licorice root extracts, working in synergy to exert a complete activity on skin radiance and dark spots. SelectSIEVE®Glitter is a symbol of the Italian high-quality local crops, being the perfect example of circular economy and growers valorization.

What does it do?

SelectSIEVE®Glitter active molecules work on the modulation of the biochemical pathways involved in the production of melanin, thus promoting a lightening effect. These activities induce an improvement in skin appearance, imparting greater radiance and a more even complexion, together with a valuable antiaging effect.

Mechanism of action

SelectSIEVE®Glitter helps even out the complexion of the skin, reducing the abnormal activity of melanocytes, which for various reasons -such as excessive sun exposure, aging, hormonal imbalances, inflammations-can overproduce melanin. The bioactive compounds act on the key enzyme involved in melanogenesis, tyrosinase, by inhibiting it. In addition, Hydroxytyrosol and Glycyrrhizin are well known for their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proprierties, that assist in skin brightening process.

Available studies

  • Modulation of melanin synthesis
  • Skin dark spots reduction
  • Brightening effect
  • Anti-aging


  • Skin Beauty
  • Dark Spots
  • Skin Aging