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Ingredient benefits

ProbiShell line of microencapsulated strains is designed to provide functional food able to promote health benefits. Thanks to microencapsulation technology probiotics strains are well preserved during the transit in the GI tract guaranteeing an efficient delivery. Microencapsulated strains were designed to improved technical drawbacks such as storage time, humidity and in general strict conditions.

What is it?

ProbiShell probiotics are technologically improved bacterial strains by means of microencapsulation, se­lected from SynBalance® line, for new applications in food and beverage.They can also be used to counteract harsh situations likely formulation incompatibility or extre­me storage conditions.

What does it do?

ProbiShell bacteria are more stable than stan­dard ones with respect to storage time, tempe­rature, humidity and pH.They keep the advantage of viable probiotics without being affected by ingredients with high water activity, osmotic pressure and oxidizing properties.

Biological target

The interest in probiotics now is no more only “gut-focused”. Scientifics findings are opening up towards new interesting connection with other body areas as gut-skin axis or gut-brain axis, but strains shelf life dramatically depends on manufacturing and handling conditions. Approach to novel applications or new markets requires probiotics stabilization in even har­dest conditions than usual: microencapsulation technology makes it happen. Probishell strains are protected during the ma­nufacturing process by means of a multilayer technology, which mechanically isolates the live cell from oxygen, acids, humidity and higher temperature, improving their resistance and widening the use of probiotics.

Mechanism of action

ProbiShell line provides the same benefits as SynBalance® probiotic strains guaranteeing:

  • Adhesion to enteric cells, with gastro intestinal tract colonization;
  • Improvement of friendly species;
  • Positive modulation of pro-inflammatory & anti- inflammatory cytokines
  • Production of active metabolites (bacteriocins, vitamins, neurotransmitters, etc);
  • Migration to other proximal sites.

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