Project Description

PrincipHYAL® OC

The booster of your oral ecosystem


  • Support for the synthesis of new GAGs (glycosaminoglycans)
  • Modulation in the expression of Aquaporin-3 channels, essential to favor the entry of water into the tissues
  • Soothing effect to support daily stress that can affect the oral epithelium

Ingredient story

Hyaluronic acid is the molecule interconnected with hydration par excellence, these properties make it the perfect active ingredient for oral hygiene. ROELMI HPC thanks to its technologies has developed a unique product specific for oral hygiene able to support the wellbeing of oral epithelium.

What is it?

PrincipHYAL® OC is an active ingredient developed using the most advanced Full Spectrum Technology. It’s unique spectrum, aiming at the well-being of the oral epithelium, is specific to oral care application.

What does it do?

With a dermo mimetic target PrincipHYAL® OC mimics the physiological function of hyaluronans naturally produced by the oral epithelium. The hyaluronans spectrum promotes deep hydration and supports the natural repairing processes

Biological target

Oral hygiene cosmetic products aim to clean and keep teeth and oral epithelium in good condition. Often, a too aggressive cleaning can lead to stressful conditions with consequent epithelium dehydration.

Mechanism of action

Thanks to the specific range of polymer size that coexist within the same spectrum, PrincipHYAL® OC promotes deep hydration through 2 specific mechanisms of action:

  • Expression of Aquaporin-3 channels
  • Modulation of the synthesis of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans).

The Aquaporin - 3 channels facilitate the entry of water molecules into the oral epithelium, the new GAGs Synthesis is responsible for the binding of large quantities of water favoring deep hydration.


  • Oral Care