Project Description

PrincipHYAL® Aurora

A new day for a new skin


PrincipHYAL® Aurora optimizes skin regeneration cycles through:

  • a proliferation of cells synthesizing skin components
  • a stimulation of skin reparative processes
  • an improvement of global epidermis health
  • an improvement of skin cohesion


Throughout evolution, our skin has learned to perceive a state of stress when recognizing by-products of attacked skin components.
One of the major activating signals is therefore the degradation of the large hyaluronic acid molecules in much smaller ones. PrincipHYAL® Aurora reproduces a stressed environment which activates a precise skin answer.

What is it?

PrincipHYAL® Aurora is is a biotechnological specialty
that targets skin regeneration. It is a very small molecular weight 2.0 Sodium Hyaluronate, designed to reach the perfect balance between skin penetration and skin activation.

What does it do?

PrincipHYAL® Aurora improves the appearances of the stressed skin by providing:

  • a fresher look
  • a better skin, more compact
  • a healthier, more hydrated skin
  • a skin with better resistance to mechanic actions (such as shaving)
  • a skin resistant to external aggressions
  • a younger, renewed epidermis with healthier, tonified aspect

Biological target

It usually takes around 21 days for the cells produced at the base of our epidermis
(stratum basale) to differentiate and migrate up to the upper part (stratum corneum) to be finally exfoliated.

As skin ages, the cycles of regeneration of epidermis cells are deregulated. Changes in thickness consequently appear, and our skin looses its suppleness, its elasticity.

Mechanism of action

PrincipHYAL® Aurora irreversibly binds to cell membrane receptors CD44, and induces a re-activation of the cell metabolism to help fighting environmental stress, through activation of cell proliferation.


  • Hydration (short term)
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin cohesion