Project Description

Plerasan® Rebalance

Natural balancer for damaged skin

Ingredient benefits

Plerasan® Re-balance was tested in-vitro and in-vivo on its performances and demonstrated:

  • a quick capacity to diminish erythema index
  • a capacity to help diminish skin redness after submission to a stress
  • a capacity to modulate the release of inflammatory cytokines
  • a capacity to soothe skins with specific discomforts (redness and itching)
  • a capacity to act as a booster of actives

What is it?

Plerasan® Rebalance is a natural highly-purified and bioactive polysaccharide with unique chemical structure resulting from patented soft technology It is efficient in improving skin balance and body defenses and in enhancing skin barrier impairment & moisturization. Compatible with natural formulations

What does it do?

Plerasan® Rebalance is the complete damage repair treatment that respects the skin’s natural healing mechanisms.

Biological target

Sensitive skin may derived by different factors: endogenous (stress, chronic inflammation, immune deficiency, aging) or exogenous (environmental factors, sunburn, pathogens, wounds, dryness). To protect damaged skin and to restore healthy conditions, the immune system needs to be rebalanced.

Mechanism of action

Plerasan® Rebalance has a recognized bi-functional activity:

  • It helps the skin in recovering faster against stresses improving its natural physiological process and alerting skin immune system
  • It keeps in check overstimulated defenses down-regulating immune response

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