Project Description

Plerasan® Veil500

Your Silky Anti-Pollution Shield

Ingredient benefits

Plerasan® Veil500 supports skin daily protection as:

  • Antipollution agent
  • Blue light protector
  • Anti-age promoter

Ingredient story

Just like the delicate touch of a silky veil of the finest Italian quality on your skin, Nature engineered a film-forming molecule that non-occlusively binds to skin cells and bio-actively protects them like a second skin from mechanical, chemical or external aggressions.

What is it?

Plerasan® Veil500 is the perfect synergy of a vegetal sugar isolated from Pleurotus Ostreatus mushroom and high molecular weight sericin protein, designed for extrinsic-induced aging prevention.

What does it do?

Plerasan® Veil500 is the natural active shield that helps in slowing down the aging process linked to skin exposition to chemical agents as urban dust or blue light coming from electronic devices.

Biological target

As skin ages or is submitted to external aggressions, it becomes vulnerable and cannot protect from external aggressive factors, such as temperature, pollution or stress. This sensitivity is made visible by an acceleration of aging process, an appearance of redness, dark spots, itching, uncomfortable sensation or atopic problems.

Mechanism of action

Plerasan® Veil500 is a matrix of beneficial compounds acting as a biocompatible breathable glue that restores the barrier function like a second skin, and reconstitutes superficial hydrolipidic protective film that reinforces its defenses. Plerasan® Veil500 also shows protection versus chemical irritants, and helps reinforcing the level of cell viability & metabolism and showing especially an anti-pollution activity after 6 hours exposure to Beijing urban dust.


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