Project Description

Olifeel® Pearls

Gelling & texturizing agent


Olifeel® Pearls is a potent and versatile rheology modifier/gelling agent, able to thicken any anhydrous oily system at different percentages, showing different characteristics versus classic triglycerides.


During Human history, olive was used as a symbol of culture and purity.
Many legends tell about olive: one of them is from Greek origin and narrates about an olive tree coming from World’s boundaries and an harvest by Hercules. The sacred grove of Zeus was born in this legendary place, from whose branches were woven wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games.
The beneficial effects of olive and its derivatives are reported since ancient times in the nutraceutical, medicinal and dermatological cosmetic fields.

What is it?

Olifeel® Pearls is an innovative natural oil-phase gelling agent with stabilizing properties for any oil-containing formula.
It is a performance ingredient formulated with a pearl appearance, coming from Olive fruits by-products richness.

What does it do?

Olifeel® Pearls is a performance ingredient coming from non-edible fractions of Olive by-products. By acting as a versatile rheology modifier/gelling agent, it is able to replace all synthetic and semi-synthetic gelling agents for lipophilic phases.

In a few words

  • Oil phase gelling agent for any kind of oil in pearl form
  • Eco-friendly soft process from non-edible fractions, no chemical hydrogenation
  • Stabilizing properties and comfortable touch
  • Excellent stability and compatibility in formulation

Added value

It is solid, white, odorless, and shows a higher melting point (not melting in contact with body heat). The triglycerides are fully saturated, without double bonds.

Its C16-18 specific fatty acids (composition imparts from 5°C up to 10°C higher melting temperature than other aliphatic C16-18 saturated fatty acids. Indeed, they show a peculiar configuration, inferring a precise and repeatable conformation at the molecular level, promoting molecular interactions by hydrogen bridge bonds (i.e. especially strong dipole-dipole attractions).

Its Olive unsaponifiable content can also help anti-oxidation and emollience for a dual “function and care” nature.


  • Oils, butters and fats
  • Rheology modifiers
  • Waxes and consistency agents