Project Description

Olifeel® E-NAT W/O

WO Emulsifier


Olifeel® E-NAT W/O allows the easy formulation of stable emulsions W/O.
Developed from olive oil derivatives shows good affinity for the skin and applied in the formula improves the texture providing a silky and light feel. The result is a unique rich and non-greasy touch.
It’s a primary emulsifier and so no need for co-emulsifier with high compatibility with all kind of oil with different polarities, UV filters, actives and thickeners.
Different percentage of use depending on the finished product.


During Human history, olive was used as a symbol of culture and purity.
Many legends tell about olive: one of them is from Greek origin and narrates about an olive tree coming from World’s boundaries and an harvest by Hercules. The sacred grove of Zeus was born in this legendary place, from whose branches were woven wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games.
The beneficial effects of olive and its derivatives are reported since ancient times in the nutraceutical, medicinal and dermatological
cosmetic fields.

What is it?

Olifeel® E-NAT W/O is a primary emulsifier for cosmetic application coming from Mediterranean olive fruit non-edible by-products

What does it do?

Olifeel® E-NAT W/O is a performing solution to create stable emulsion W/O with a natural and genuine profile.

In a few words

  • W/O easy to use primary emulsifier
  • Eco-friendly soft process from non-edible fractions
  • Interesting sensorial profile, plesant skinfeel and non-greasy after skin feel
  • Excellent stability and compatibility in formulation

Added value

Olifeel® E-NAT W/O Italian expertise of farming and use of olive, pillar of Mediterranean culture and tradition, towards today’s and future cosmetic innovation. Coming from non-edible sources of the food supply chain and produced by using only soft mechanical processes, Olifeel® promotes the Nature’s benefits, aiming for Eco-sustainability.
Olifeel® E-NAT W/O is the innovative 100% natural O/W emulsifier, resulting from 100% green technology. They are the performing functional ingredients, that combine all the precious characteristics of olive oil with exceptional cosmetic functions.


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