Project Description

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir

Hair wellness potion


Beaulixir® is an innovative and safe approach for hair care and hair loss. It's proven to reduce hair and scalp disorders, It helps foster hair growth and look, enhancing hair density and thickness.

Dosage: 600mg a day

Delivery forms: soft gels, liquid capsules, liquid stick

What is it?

Beaulixir® is a synergy of saturated & unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols from Linseed, Wheat, Saw palmetto, borage, pine and rye. The combined activity of all these active compounds results in a visible hair loss reduction and hair health and beauty.

What does it do?

Beaulixir® active molecules act in concert improving hair density and reducing hair loss. This results in a better hair look, thickness, shine and health. Beaulixir® reduces greasiness and sebum production at follicle level. Positive results are visible also in nails strength and skin softness

Mechanism of action

Beaulixir® acts on the reduction of hair follicle inflammation and oxidation and as booster of microcirculation. It also increases the body natural defences and controls the activity of 5α-Reductase, one of the main actor in hair miniaturization and loss.

Available studies

  • Activity on 5α- reductase isoenzyme type II
  • Photographic assessment of hair loss
  • Tricoscopic analysis
  • Evaluation of hair health and aspect


  • Hair loss
  • Hair health
  • Nail strength