Project Description

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir

Health and beauty elixir for your hair


NaturSYN™ Beaulixir offers an innovative and safe approach based on the oral administration of natural actives, characterized by endogenous molecules without side effects.
It provides an alternative or complementary solution to traditional dermocosmetics approach or hormonal / antibiotics treatments.

What is it?

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir is a proprietary synergy of saturated & unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, lignans and antioxidants.

What does it do?

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir acts through a systemic approach and it is proved to control both isoform type I and type II of 5α-Reductase. It is also demonstrated to be more effective than traditional inhibitors. Such a unique and all-accomplished mechanism of action makes NaturSYN™ Beaulixir:

  • effective against hair loss & oily skin
  • safe thanks to its natural origin
  • lacking of side effects contrary to pharmacological treatment

Biological target

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir is especially designed to help recover hair and skin health affected by impaired and unbalanced physiology.

Mechanism of action

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir acts through a multifuctional approach:

  • indirect inhibition of 5α-Reductase activity
  • reduction of inflammatory reaction and improvement of microcirculation
  • increase of body natural defense
  • anti-oxidanteffect


  • Beauty from within
  • Hair care