Project Description


The green brightner


G2Light guarantees a safe efficacy in terms of brightening effects and gives a pleasant and uniform skin complexion. It is active on both colored skin and dark age spots.


Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is traditionally known for its efficient brightening activity.
Not all compounds have the same mechanism of action or potency, even if they are from the same plant. It depends on the extracted phytocomplex. Efficacy in the skin is very linked to the capacity of the brightening agent to act on multiple aspects of the melanin synthesis.

What is it?

G2Light is the high effective brightening complex, coming from a unique licorice root, harvested under particular climatic conditions in a specific geographical area. It is developed through a 100% green extract process.

What does it do?

On a daily basis, the pool of active of G2Light helps the skin to fight against skin-aging marks, dark spots and hyper-pigmented skins.

Biological target

Skin complexion is mainly due to two factors: endogenous, as the geographical origin, genetic code … and exogenous, as stress, pollution, age … Beside these factors, other parameters such as photoaging, hormonal changes, repeated and prolonged exposure to sun and skin irritation & inflammation have to be considered. The youthful and good looking skin is related, not only to the absence of wrinkles, but also to its brilliance, the healthy tone and pleasant complexion.

Mechanism of action

The melanin synthesis, responsible of skin complexion, is well-known and articulated and involves multiple channels, such as Tyrosinase, TRP-1, TRP-2 and TRP-3. G2Light is able to inhibit melanin synthesis, directly interacting with Tyrosinase enzyme, that is the key element involved in melanin synthesis. In fact, G2Light inhibits both the monophenolase and di-phenolase activities of Tyrosinase on Tyrosine and L-Dopa substrates, and the co-enzymes activity.


  • Skin brightening