Project Description

ExceptionHYAL® Star

Enchanting beauty from the inside out


ExceptionHYAL® Star encourages the regeneration of building blocks of endogenous hyaluronic acid from oral intake.
It helps decrease skin wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and smoothness.
ExceptionHYAL® Star globally supports skin health, resulting into higher hydration, more efficient barrier effect and better skin aspect

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® Star is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the next generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific spectrum of molecular weights.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® Star gets the modulation of physiological production of HA within the skin, increasing moisturization and fighting against wrinkles.
It mimics the HA physiologic need of the skin through its improved endogenous production, the moisturizationcapacity and the barrier effect.

Biological target

Mature or aging skins are directly related to the appearance of deeper wrinkles. Internal oxidative processes and external stresses decrease skin moisturization, giving an aged appearance to your skin.

Mechanism of action

ExceptionHYAL® Star molecular weights spectrum allows a moderate bioavailability of HA that directly goes into circulation and interacts with cellular receptor, mainly CD44. The release of its metabolites strongly promotes HA endogenous synthesis within skin.
The full spectrum molecular weight makes ExceptionHYAL® Star the best compromise in terms of enzymatic stability, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-oxidant capacity.


  • Anti-aging
  • Beauty from within