Project Description

ExceptionHYAL® Relief

Renew mucosal integrity


ExceptionHYAL® Relief treats radiotherapy lesions of oropharyngeal tract, oral aphthae and stomatitis, throat ulcers and inflammation and cough due to gastric reflux by:

  • Performing wound-healing capacity
  • Improving cell metabolism
  • Moisturizing oral mucosa
  • Improving elastin synthesis
  • Promoting skin smoothness, elasticity and cohesion
  • Enhancing fibroblasts proliferation

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® Relief is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the next generation Hyaluronans. Based on proprietary Full Spectrum Technology, it does not focus on a specific molecular weight, but rather on the efficacy of a range of fractions working in synergy, just as naturally happens in our body.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® Relief, mimicking biological processes, meets the HA physiologic need of injured mucosae, increasing protein synthesis in keratinocytes, stimulating elastin production, promoting fibroblasts proliferation and speeding-up wound-healing processes. Injured tissues are then reconstituted, relieving pain.

Biological target

Oral aphthae are the most common type of inflammatory scratches of the oral mucosa, due to immune-deficiency or viral infections. Chronic conditions can lead to painful recurrences, affecting the whole oesophageal tract, and gastric reflux could exacerbate these conditions negatively affecting mucosae well-being. In the end, long-lasting lesions of the oesophageal tract can occur due to localized radiotherapy and dramatically affect quality of life and treatment compliance.

Mechanism of action

ExceptionHYAL® Relief film-forming capacity creates a mechanical barrier on the mucosa, which protects from external aggressions meanwhile regeneration occurs below it.
Its full-spectrum feature promotes self-regeneration processes of tissues through a direct interaction with cellular receptors, mainly CD44, inducing cellular fine-tuned response.


  • Oral Care
  • Digestion and gut health