Project Description

ExceptionHYAL® Jump

Move, run, dance... now, more than ever!


ExceptionHYAL® Jump helps to regenerate building blocks of endogenous hyaluronic acid from oral intake.
ExceptionHYAL® Jump improves osteoarthritis symptoms by:

  • Self-regeneration of HA in synovial fluid via endogenous synthesis
  • Reduced feeling of pain
  • Joints lubrication and improvement of joint function and stiffness
  • Anti-inflammatory activity leading to reduce or stop the intake of NSAIDs

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® Jump is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the 2.0 generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific and selected spectrum of molecular weights.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® Jumps acts like a shock absorber by lubricating & plumping tissues, helping cushion effect which reduce joint stiffness.
It promotes the recovery of joint mobility by regeneration of endogenous synovial fluid and exerts such a lenitive effect on local inflammation to induce the reduction of anti-pain drugs.

Biological target

HA is naturally found in synovial fluid around joints, allowing daily movements and preventing from hurting.
Its natural content is affected by aging process or by intense physical activity inducing a progressive decline, leading to articular discomforts and diseases (osteoarthritis, joints damage).

Mechanism of action

ExceptionHYAL® Jump is partially absorbed in stomach and intestine due to its extensive molecule spectrum, but its bioavailability increases during digestion process.
Turned into blood, it is distributed to the tissues, where it is recognized by receptors related to cell migration, proliferation and gene expression (CD44, RHAMM, ICAM-1).
The full spectrum molecular weight makes ExceptionHYAL® Star less sensitive to enzymatic degradation and optimizes its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities at both short and long-term.


  • Joint Care