Project Description

ExceptionHYAL® Jump

Happily moving


ExceptionHYAL® Jump is designed to support people active lifestyle, favoring a harmonic joint functionality.

It improves joint lubrication and fluidity, reducing pain and discomforts typical of osteoarthritis or joint inflammation.

Dosage: 200mg

Delivery forms: capsules, tablets, sachet/sticks, vials, drinks, syrups, drops

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® Jump is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the 2.0 generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific and selected spectrum of molecular weights, able to support the joint health and functionality.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® Jump acts like a shock absorber by lubricating & plumping tissues, helping cushion effect which reduces joint stiffness.

It promotes the recovery of joint mobility and exerts such a lenitive effect on local inflammation to induce the reduction in the use of anti-pain drugs.

Mechanism of action

ExceptionHYAL® Jump promotes self-regeneration processes of tissues, boosting the natural HA synthesis.
It leads to the regeneration of endogenous synovial fluid.
This action combined with the anti-inflammatory performance promote the joint functionality and activity.

Available studies

  • Bioavailability
  • WOMAC, VAS and joint functionality improvement
  • Pain management
  • Modulation of anti-pain drugs use


  • Joint care
  • Osteoarthritis management
  • Sport nutrition


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