Project Description

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom

Flourishing menopause


ExceptionHYAL® Blossom is a complementary approach to fight the menopause discomforts.

It induces an amelioration of vaginal dryness, itching, pain, urinary urgency and bones fragility typical for women in menopause, thus increasing the quality of life.

Dosage: 200mg a day

Delivery forms: capsules, tablets, soft gels, liquid vials, drinks

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the next generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific fingerprint of molecular weights working in synergy, to target menopause symptoms.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom acts in different body districts. It increases the hydration of vaginal mucosa, alleviating itching, dyspareunia, vaginal atrophy and pain.

At the same time, it supports the bone regeneration being an ally in osteoporosis fight.

Mechanism of action

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom meets the HA physiologic need of vaginal mucosa increasing glycosaminoglycans, aquaporins and protein synthesis, thus promoting the hydration.

It is also able to positively stimulate the bone mineralization and pushing the expression of bone proliferation genes, favoring the osteogenesis.

Available studies

  • Protein synthesis
  • Glycosaminoglycans and Aquaporins-3 production in dehydrated condition
  • Improvement of osteogenesis and mineral phase deposition in bone
  • Upregulation of genes responsible of bone mineralization and differentiation downregulation of bone resorptions genes
  • Vaginal health index (VHI) and estimation of vaginal atrophy symptoms persistence (VAS)


  • Menopause symptoms management
  • Vaginal atrophy and dryness
  • Bone health