Project Description

EquiBiotics® LRh

Your biotique harmony


  • Modulation of inflammation thanks to the molecular biomimetism, preserved integral cell structures are recognized by skin immune and structural cells and also by skin flora.
  • Improvement of skin barrier strengthen thanks to a balance skin ecosystem
  • Promotion of natural skin defenses for a healthy skin status

Ingredient story

Starting from its deep knowledge of probiotics, ROELMI HPC has developed different approaches to interact with localized microbiomes. First, by investigating specific interactions of probiotics for nutraceutical applications and second by exploring cutting-edge technologies for a new era of ingredients applications on microbiota. As a step forward, ROELMI HPC moved to a different market, from nutraceutical to cosmetics, designing a specific ingredient targeting the skin ecosystem.

What is it?

EquiBiotics® LRh is an active ingredient developed focusing on skin microbiota which represent the core of a new ROELMI HPC holistic approach. It is a probiotic-derived ingredient obtained by L. rhamnosus LRH020 integral-structure preservation.

What does it do?

EquiBiotics® LRh demonstrates high performing efficacy towards multifactorial aggressive agents such as UV rays, chemical agents also helping avoid pathogens colonization.
Thanks to their “prebiotic” effect, L. rhamnosus LRH020 become nourishment and support for resident microbiota growth.
The result is the EquiBiotics LRh ability to strengthen skin barrier and its natural defenses promoting skin ecosystem well-being.

Biological target

The ROELMI HPC approach takes the new rules for an innovation in cosmetics bringing benefits to the skin seen not only as an external barrier of the human body but also as a real changing ecosystem in continuous evolution. ROELMI HPC has enclosed this innovation in EquiBiotics® LRh, the active ingredient designed to take care of the epidermis treating it as a complex ecosystem considering multiple variables especially the skin microbiota and the cross-talk with skin cells.

Mechanism of action

EquiBiotics® LRh supports skin microbiota and improves skin barrier through:

  • Molecular biomimetism: potential recognition thanks the preservation of bacteria integral structure by pursuing cross-talks specific pathways to alive probiotics
  • Prevention of pathogens colonization by counteracting their invasions through 3 possible actions:
    Exclusion: physical occupation of adhesion sites
    Displacement: pathogen removal from adhesion sites
    Competition: quicker settlement than pathogens in adhesion sites
  • “Prebiotic” effect and modulation of pathogen growth: by rebalancing the resident microbiota community through the promotion of commensal bacteria and avoiding pathogen aggressions.


  • Hydration (short term)
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin cohesion