Project Description


The new esters horizon


EMotion® are the sustainable choice for formulators. Due to their outstanding properties in terms of solubilisation and dispersion of UV filters and pigments, they turn out to be particularly suitable for sun care and make-up applications.
In lipsticks and mascaras, they have been proved to confer high color intensity to the formulation, tint homogeneity, good texture, bright and glossy effect.


Esters are largely employed in cosmetic formulations as softening and smoothing agents. They are used in mostly applications as skin care, make up, sun care and hair care. Nowadays, several categories of esters are in the eye of the storms because of their food chain origin. To avoid that, esters’ producers have two different choices: to reduce environmental impact by using vegetable oils from a controlled supply chain, or to produce by starting
from different sources.

What is it?

EMotion® are the proactivity alternative esters coming from European renewable crops. An industrial plant, completely converted to “green chemistry” allows the creation of high-purity Pelargonic acid (above 98%) from local crops extract, by local cultivar in marginal lands.

What does it do?

EMotion® represent the ethical choice for formulators looking at reaching remarkable sustainable results in formulation.
EMotion® enrich formula’s texture with pleasant natural touch and with a positive Environmental-friendly impact (readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 method).

In a few words

  • Unique high purity & sustainable esters
  • Biodegradable alternative to silicones for specific applications
  • Wide range of sensorial performances
  • Excellent stability and compatibility in formulation

Added value

This line of biodegradable esters represent the ethical & innovative opportunity for raw materials aiming at respecting Biodiversity, coming from eco-friendly process.
Sustainability and eco-responsibility are here linked to develop a performing functional ingredient to enrich the formula with a low-impact on Environment.


  • Esters and derivatives