Project Description

EMotion® SKin

Carrier & skin-feel enhancer


Olifeel® SKin shows a soft touch, increasing skin penetration thanks to its dermocompatible nature. With a light and balanced film-forming effect, it brings a nice and soft feel to the skin. With a unique matte aspect, perfect for skin care, it sets new trends for make-up. Its low tackiness confirms the high absorption benefit as well as a velvetier touch.


During Human history, olive was used as a symbol of culture and purity.
Many legends tell about olive: one of them is from Greek origin and narrates about an olive tree coming from World’s boundaries and an harvest by Hercules. The sacred grove of Zeus was born in this legendary place, from whose branches were woven wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games.
The beneficial effects of olive and its derivatives are reported since ancient times in the nutraceutical, medicinal and dermatological
cosmetic fields.

What is it?

EMotion® SKin is a unique synergy between di- & tri-glycerides fractions of olive oil, coming from non-edible fractions of Olive by-products. Thanks to its specific properties, EMotion® SKin provides multi-benefits for your formula:

  • Higher skin penetration due to biocompatible triglycerides
  • Higher formula stability due to polar diglycerides
  • Better resistance to oxidation

What does it do?

EMotion® SKin is the perfect ingredient to modulate and improve stability and emulsification, as well as to carry active and functional ingredients into the skin.

In a few words

  • Soft-touch oil
  • Pleasant and light touch, carrier of actives
  • Eco-friendly soft process from non-edible fractions
  • Excellent stability and compatibility in formulation

Added value

Olifeel® SKin demonstrated a softer and more velvety touch than any other vegetal oil, with a non greasy feel. It is perfectly compatible with human skin lipids.
With its triglyceride part showing affinity for the skin, and its diglyceride part showing affinity for the formula components, Olifeel® SKin reveals to be an excellent enhancer for emulsion penetration. In fact, performances for skin penetration & enhancement of skin absorption have been tested with remarkable results.


  • Oils, butters and fats