Project Description

EMotion® Glow

Rich pleasure from nature to skin


EMotion® Glow is part of a manufacturing process based on the upcycling of olive by-products, coming from food industry. Isolating purified fractions, each element of the line results in a purity that allows formulators to work with complete freedom in choosing a natural ingredient for its chemical or functional properties.

Ingredient story

During Human history, olive was used as a symbol of culture and purity.
Many legends tell about olive: one of them is from Greek origin and narrates about an olive tree coming from World’s boundaries and an harvest by Hercules. The sacred grove of Zeus was born in this legendary place, from whose branches were woven wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games.
The beneficial effects of olive and its derivatives are reported since ancient times in the nutraceutical, medicinal and dermatological
cosmetic fields.

What is it?

EMotion® Glow is the new member of ROELMI HPC’s esters family. A step forward in the research of beneficial opportunities created by the proprietary technology of olive by-products fractioning able to create specific cosmetic ingredients.
EMotion® Glow respects the pillars of circular economy, by developing a new rich emollient.

What does it do?

EMotion® Glow provides:

  • A higher film-forming effect together with a faster skin absorption, perfect for demanding and mature skin;
  • A bright skin feel with a very low residue, ideal for skin care, but also for color cosmetics;
  • A substantial and refined touch EMotion® Glow demonstrated a good spreadability allowing a pleasant skin care routine

In a few words

  • 100% natural balanced ratio of specific olive glycerides
  • Result of an upcycling process from non-edible olive fractions
  • Ethical and traceable Mediterranean supply chain
  • Good affinity for the skin and formula

Added value

  • Stabilizing properties thanks to an high compatibility with formulas components
  • Good ability in enhancing the aesthetics of a wide range of cosmetics
  • Pleasant playtime
  • Nourishing effect


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