Project Description

BeautySYN® Bright

Slow release for long lasting brightness


BeautySYN® Bright is an innovative slow release system leading to:

  • improve stability of active molecules
  • slowly release with long lasting


A technology-based partnership with the academic world has developed an innovative system to stabilize natural extracts, obtaining the maximum from Mediterranean ingredients.
Selected natural extracts have been chosen to target a brightening effect on skin.

What is it?

BeautySYN® Bright is composed by a bio-polymeric sugar (Dextran) and a full spectrum of antioxidant actives extracted from origanum vulgare. This powerful pool is incorporated and protected by the polymer in order to maintain the efficacy protecting the molecules from the external stresses and degradation caused by the light exposure.

What does it do?

The sponge effect gives the great advantage that the active molecules are slowly released on the skin once the ingredients is applied topically in any cosmetic.

Biological target

The youthful and good looking skin is related not only to the absence of wrinkles, but also to its brilliance, the healthy tone and pleasant complexion. Skin beauty would be linked to the uniformity of skin color. The more uniform is the complexion, the more the human skin appears young and in good health.

Mechanism of action

For the first time a generating technology allows the development of a polymeric antioxidant active for skin brightening activity. BeautySYN® Bright technology is a patented strategy in which the bio-active molecules are absorbed with a sponge effect into a natural bio-compatible polymer enhancing their stability. BeautySYN® Bright technology is also able to significantly control the prolonged over time release of the actives.
BeautySYN® Bright is able to inhibit melanin synthesis, directly interacting with Tyrosinase enzyme, that is the key element involved in skin pigmentation.


  • Skin brightening