Project Description

BeauSens® E-SF

OW Emulsifier

Ingredient benefits

BeauSens® E-SF is an oil in water emulsifier which allows the easy formulation of stable emulsions O/W characterized by a pleasant skin feel. As derivatives of sunflower seed oil it shows an excellent biocompatibilty with the skin making it fresh and hydrated once applied.
It provides a good spreadability, smoothness and a pleasant silky touch to the finished product which will be characterized by a rapid absorption.
It’s a primary emulsifier and so no need for co-emulsifier with high compatibility with all kind of oil with different polarities, UV filters, actives and thickeners. Different percentage of use depending on the finished product.

Ingredient story

Sunflower, emblem of happiness, is one of the most known vegetable oil around the globe. The common name, “sunflower”, typically refers to the popular annual species Helianthus annuus, or the common sunflower, whose round flower heads in combination with the ligules look like the glowing sun.
Aside from the crop’s value as a food, these plants have been used for centuries by traditional medicine.
Whether resting on a flat surface or propped up in a vase, sunflowers star in Van Gogh's most famous still life depictions which have altered mankind's perspective of art and life.

What is it?

BeauSens® E-SF is a primary emulsifier for cosmetic application coming from sustainable European Sunflower oil seed.

What does it do?

BeauSens® E-SF is particularly suitable for the production of stable oil-in-water emulsions with a natural and genuine profile.

In a few words

  • O/W easy to use primary emulsifier
  • Eco-friendly soft process from sustainable european sunflower oil seed richness
  • Interesting sensorial profile, plesant skinfeel and non-greasy after skin feel
  • Excellent stability and compatibility in formulation

Added value

Golden blossoms seed, source of essential fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid, are here involved to develop something exclusive for the new generation of green cosmetics.
Starting from High Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil (no GMO), following a circular economy model, nature embraces innovation to create BeauSens® Line.
Not only a line of cosmetic ingredients, but the result of a sustainable project that, working with advanced technologies, integrates the principles of green chemistry and ensures a low environmental impact.
BeauSens® E-SF is a oil in water emulsifier with innovative and unique characteristics: actually it is of completely natural origin and at the same time it allows the easy formulation of stable O/W emulsions.
These properties make it possible to use this emulsifier for the creation of creams and lotion that meet the ecological and skin-friendly requirements, nevertheless providing high level of performance.


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