Project Description


The skin guardian


Inserted into a finished formula, ÆCTive® can help the re-balance of skin homeostasis, improving microbiome activity against external stresses.

Ingredient story

A hosted microbiome made of billions of microorganisms are living on our skin, which provides a unique ecosystem for them. Those microorganisms are essential to make the skin a complete barrier for the body.

What is it?

ÆCTive® is a powerful molecule developed through cutting-edge biofermentation process, characterized by the ability in rebalancing skin microbiome.

What does it do?

ÆCTive® is able to balance skin micro-environment, maintaining the ideal conditions for the skin microbiome to survive, proliferate and protect your skin, in the best way possible.

Biological target

ÆCTive® acts on osmostress on the skin, provoked by external environmental agents. It is able to protect skin cells and activating them in self-defense. This allows a better environment on the skin, which is the basic aspect for a good growth of skin microbiome.

Mechanism of action

ÆCTive® is a specific molecule coming from bio-fermentation, able to rebalance the amount of water in severe environments.
To restore the homeostatic condition is the step one to make cells feeling better and defend themselves against stresses.


  • Hydration (Short Term)
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin cohesion