While hormone therapy is still widely used throughout the world, nutraceuticals are often sought after to recalibrate the body and mind equilibrium. Quality ingredients can support menopausal issues such as fatigue, sleep disturbances and mood fluctuations. Thanks to its 2.0 full- spectrum, based on HATech 2.0 technology (a fingerprint of hyaluronan’s molecular weights, specifically designed to mimic biological requirements), ExceptionHYAL®  Blossom meets the HA  physiologic need of vaginal mucosa increasing glycosaminoglycans, aquaporins and protein synthesis, thus promoting hydration. It induces an amelioration of vaginal dryness and pain, thus increasing the quality of life, according to recent unpublished research.”

In the unpublished randomized double- blind placebo-controlled study, 30 women in menopause (ages 45-65 years) with vulvovaginal atrophy were assigned to two groups. All participants underwent radiofrequency with radioporation for five weeks; one group consumed 200 mg ExceptionHYAL®  Blossom for eight weeks, but the control group received the radiofrequency with radioporation only. Efficacy evaluation was assessed at the end of the radiofrequency with radioporation cycles, at the end of dietary supplement intake, and after two months of follow-up. The researchers found that the ingredient induced a progressive improvement of the vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms, showing a persistent benefit given by oral supplementation.

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