ROELMI HPC and SynBalance have officially become Benefit Corporations.

This step once again demonstrates the responsible and sustainable approach that both entities have adopted since their inception, choosing an advanced corporate paradigm capable of integrating profit objectives with social and environmental responsibility aims, thus creating value for both stakeholders and employees, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.

Italy was the second country in the world (after the USA) to introduce the legal form of a Benefit Corporation. This new model, which also adheres to Sustainable Development Goal number 12 of the Agenda 2030, represents a possibility of overcoming the originally antithetical concepts of for-profit and non-profit entities. While the former does not prioritize the common good and the latter does not prioritize profit, the Benefit Corporation simultaneously incorporates both.

“At ROELMI HPC, we envision a world where sustainability is celebrated as a work of art, where every piece – no matter how small – contributes to a mosaic of responsibility and beauty.
We firmly believe that the goal of a sustainable world can only be achieved if everyone is willing to contribute through many actions, big and small. That’s why we are proud to have become a Benefit Corporation, so we can continue our commitment to being a positive agent of change in society, engaging more and more people: from other entities within the group to stakeholders,”
declares Rosella Malanchin, CEO of ROELMI HPC and SynBalance.