It Is now clear how the third decade of the 21st century sets the stage for a great and ascending trend for the sport nutrition Industry; indeed, as confirmed ay market analysis, the actual value of this market is around 22 billion U3S and is expected to grow till 32 billion U3S in the next five years.

These products’ uses are increasingly spreading among active people, or athletes, in order to help meet nutritional needs and improve nutritional deficiencies, so to enhance the athletic performance and achieve personal fitness goals. A growing background of scientific evidences is more and more supporting the crucial role that glycosaminoglycans can play in treating conditions such as osteoarthritis, reducing pain and recovering functionality. Among them, hyaluronans are extremely versatile for sport nutrition applications, thanks also to their chondroprotective and lubricating efficacy, fundamental to sustain active people throughout life. Moreover, recent scientific research is pushing towards a microbiome-based studies involving probiotics and their important support for active people.

ROELMI HPC, with its longstanding expertise in developing nutraceuticals through green technologies, provides the multifunctional nutrisolution to meet customers’ demand in supporting the performance activity thanks to:

  • ExceptionHYAL® Line: Full spectrum hyaluronans able to deeply integrate into human biology of targeted tissues, and finely modulate cellular responses, to deliver a concrete biological efficacy.
  • SynBalance® Line: The friendly bacteria selected for their intrinsic functional properties and improved in terms of stability in order to give the best performance once formulated.

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