The “Resilient Beauty” trend calls to build a better personal care world where more attention is paid to the future of our planet. ROELMI HPC  presents evidence of a development of effectiveness in the circular economy models towards a sunflower-based production process.

Sunflower seed oil is a sustainable source for creating innovative beauty breakthrough ingredients. In full respect of biodiversity, working with low-energy extraction processes, sunflower, a source of essential fatty acids (mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid) provides the keys to begin a circular development, which integrates the principles of green chemistry ensuring a low environmental impact; because it can be produced with raw materials from local crops and short supply chains. This means that the economic advantage is fairly shared among all the players. This project delivers exclusive ingredients for the new generation of eco-friendly cosmetics: a lightweight emollient ester and a mild surfactant.

Discover BeauSens® Line, ROELMI HPC concrete sustainable solution for your cosmetic formulas.

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