Every day, tonnes of plastic “dust” from personal care products, for example, microbeads with an exfoliating function for shower gels and various “rinse-off” cleansing products, are poured into seas, together with microplastics having specific technical properties used in face and body creams, sunscreens and make-up, non-rinsing, or “leave-on” products.

Cosmetic industry is therefore moving towards the use of natural or biodegradable ingredients that can replace standard microplastics. ROELMI HPC, as innovator leader, investigates and places into the market an ingredient able to maintain the high-level performances of microplastics, while being readily biodegradable at the same time.

The result is Celus-Bi® Feel, an efficient and valid alternative to formulate sustainable cosmetics, by maintaining or improving, all the technical cosmetic performances but replacing standard powders like Nylon, PMMA, Polyurethane and PE.

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