ROELMI HPC developed a novel food supplement for women’s intimate healthcare (Intimique™ Femme), based on a patented and proprietary probiotic complex (L. plantarum PBS067, L. rhamnosus LRH020 and B. lactis BL050) to counteract urogenital issues affecting women’s quality of life.

Two clinical trials have investigated the ability of the probiotic strains to colonize human vaginal epithelium after oral administration (Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2017;295[1]:163-172), and the efficacy in restoring healthy vaginal microbiota after antibiotic treatment and in reducing BV recurrence rate (manuscript in preparation). Researchers reported that women who followed a supplementation program with the probiotic complex (3 billion CFU per daily dose for 14 consecutive days) showed a significant reduction in recurrence rate in the following month—from 50 percent (reference group and bibliographic data) to 22 percent (active group). Objective physician examination and vaginal wet mount microscopy supported this result, showing greater microbiota restoration and general symptom improvement in the active group compared to reference group. After following four administration cycles (1-week treatment/month), recurrence rate was reduced from 44 percent in the negative control to 16 percent in the probiotic group.

Vaginal microbiome intervention through probiotic complex could improve women’s quality of life and reduce chronic suffering, a new opportunity for personalizing health and disease management through probiotic supplements targeting the vaginal microbiome.

Cristiana Piangiolino, Ph.D., is the market manager, nutraceutical, at ROELMI HPC. ROELMI HPC is presenting a session, “Oral multispecies probiotic supplement to colonize vaginal epithelium, restore healthy vaginal microbiota and reduce recurrence rate of bacterial vaginosis,” on Friday, Nov. 9, as part of the IPA Probiotics Resource Center at SupplySide West.

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