The sustainable profile of finished formulas could not miss the selection of the inner compounds completing the cosmetic recipe in which the “eco-friendly” feature is of paramount importance and driven by innovation and inspired by a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable model of production. More and more demand for eco-friendly features, such as sustainably sourced ingredients or recycled packaging, increased during the last years on the cosmetic market. As previously investigated, conscious beauty approach is not only based on understanding skin types, but also on consumers care in evaluating the wider ethical and environmental impact of a purchase with the same gravity as personal priorities, with credentials such as safety, transparency and ethical sourcing often being prioritized.

ROELMI HPC strongly focuses its activity on the research, design and production of high technological ingredients aimed to reach the highest performing results in final formulas, by offering the ethical and responsible choice for sustainable innovations. In full respect of biodiversity, working with low-energy extraction processes, sunflower, source of essential fatty acids provides the keys to begin a circular development which integrates the principles of green chemistry ensuring a low environmental impact. A fascinating project that at the end delivers exclusive ingredients for the new generation of eco-friendly cosmetics: BeauSens® Line

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