Growing interest is ever more evident in the research of conscientious cosmetic formulas able to prove a minor impact on the Planet. Primary attention operated by end-users in the purchasing behavior is focused on the sustainable profile of finished formulas that, obviously could not forget the selection of active and functional ingredients characterized by “eco-friendly” character. The main objective of this paper is to present the development of a series of ethical ingredients designed to operate a sustainable revolution for the future of the Beauty industry by showing the evidence of circular economy models’ effectiveness towards a sunflower-based production process aiming at developing various functional ingredients.

ROELMI HPC strictly adopts an approach directed to environmental preservation, towards the biodiversity safeguard and the use of renewable sources. This is the context in which the company is pleased to present the brand-new line of sustainable functional ingredients for cosmetic applications:  BeauSens® Line. A fascinating project delivers exclusive ingredients for the new generation of eco-friendly cosmetics to preserve natural skin ecosystem by dermocompatible compounds.

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