During the menopausal period the declined ovarian function results in a drastic reduction of estrogen hormone secretion which leads to important endocrine, somatic, and psychological changes. During this period, women are bothered by unpleasant symptoms responsible for physical discomforts and lower quality of life. In this context, hyaluronic acid (HA or SH in its sodium salt form) could represent a valid alternative. Recent studies demonstrated the efficacy of HA formulations in restoring a normal and healthy vaginal status, thus reducing the symptoms severity overall, with a good efficacy and safety profile.

The present study was carried out to highlight the efficacy of the oral intake of a full spectrum sodium hyaluronate food supplement in improving vaginal atrophy. The specific HA in the food supplement was obtained with ExceptionHYAL® Blossom, ROELMI HPC‘s full spectrum innovation technology representing an innovative treatment for this condition. The positive outcomes obtained in the present study may be attributed to the direct interaction of orally taken SH with the target tissues in which it is required; additionally, this specific sodium hyaluronate can stimulate the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid in vaginal cells restoring the vaginal turgor and giving a relief from atrophy symptomatology

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