Starting from its deep knowledge of probiotics, ROELMI HPC has developed different approaches to interact with localized microbiota. First, by investigating the effects of probiotics in nutraceutical applications exploring cutting-edge technologies for a new era of ingredients application on gut microbiota. As a step forward, we moved to a different market, from nutraceutical to cosmetics, designing specific ingredients for skin care applications. First by exploring whether cosmetic preservatives, which are known and used for their antimicrobial efficacy, could have any impact on the microbial population inhabiting our skin, then by developing dermobiotic ingredients aiming to rebalance the skin microbiota affected by external stresses.

At ROELMI HPC, we have developed science-based active ingredients aimed at counteracting and mitigating the negative effects of Skin Exposome involved in accelerating skin aging. Several approaches have been adopted in the research:

  1. To support the reparative processes of inflamed skin with SynerSHIELD Sun, able to prevent damages induced by UV rays exposure by stimulating and improving the natural immune defenses of fragile skin, by reducing the erythema of irritated and sensitive skin.
  2. To maintain skin barrier integrity with PhytoSerene, the extremely pure β-sitosterol that mimics the function of cholesterol, naturally present into the skin. Showing high compatibility with natural skin matrix, PhytoSerene is able to reduce the inflammatory processes and related skin redness and concurs to prevent skin damage against chemical stresses (i.e. aggressive cleansing products or environmental stresses).
  3. To restore skin ecosystem balance with ÆCtive®, the guardian for skin microbiota able to interact directly with the microenvironment around the skin microflora membrane, balancing and improving the correct water content inside and outside our commensal bacteria

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