All the factors that can negatively affect the well-being of the individual are contained in a single term: ”EXPOSOME“.
The exact term description includes the totality of the exposures to which an individual is subjected from birth to death. Its barrier function makes the skin as an organ exposed during the life cycle to a wide variety of environmental factors; these factors trigger biological responses to counter any threats. Therefore, the skin is a constantly evolving organ that adapts to external and internal factors. In addition to having mechanical protection against internal and external factors, the skin has developed a biochemical barrier called microbiota that acts as an invisible armor against pathogenic aggressions.

At ROELMI HPC , we have developed science-based active ingredients to counteracting and mitigating the harmful effects of skin exposome involved in accelerating skin aging. Several approaches have been adopted in the research: To support the reparative processes of inflamed skin with Honey Sun Flower, able to prevent damages induced by UV rays exposure by stimulating and improving the natural immune defenses of fragile skin, by reducing the erythema of irritated and sensitive skin. Meet an incredible duo:

  • PhytoSerene: Able to reduce the inflammatory processes and related skin redness and prevent skin damage against chemical stresses (i.e., aggressive cleansing products or environmental.
  • ÆCTive®: The guardian for skin microbiota. It can interact directly with the microenvironment around the skin microflora membrane while balancing and improving the correct water content inside and outside our commensal bacteria.

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