The cosmetic market is witnessing a real revolution regarding skin’s “micro” world. The care of living microorganisms populating the skin ecosystem, already in the cosmetic spotlight, seems to be the key for achieving long-term well-being and preventing the so-called “skin dysbiosis”.

ROELMI HPC, starting from its deep knowledge of biotech technologies, has developed different approaches to interact with localized microbiomes. First, by investigating specific interactions of probiotics for nutraceutical applications and second by exploring cutting-edge technologies for a new era of ingredients applications on microbiota. As a step forward, ROELMI HPC moved to a different market, from nutraceutical to cosmetics, designing specific ingredients targeting the skin ecosystem.

Don’t miss our fantastic trio:

  • ÆCTIVE® is a biotechnological GMO-free metabolite from selected bacterial strain showing peculiar rebalancing activity against environmental stresses
  • EquiBiotics® LRh is a probiotic-derived ingredient obtained from L. rhamnosus LRH020 specific strain, selected for its strain-specific activity focused on protection from skin pathogens and modulation of the natural immune responses.
  • Ener-GY plus: The cell energy–inducing active ingredient designed to optimize mitochondrial activation.