Health and Personal Care Market shows interesting data from the point of view of consumers who are more and more attentive to the safety of the products they apply on their skin. They are curious to know which are the right ingredients to protect the skin from external aggressions coming from the environment.

All the factors that can negatively affect the health of the individual are contained in a single term: EXPOSOME, in fact the exact description of the term includes the totality of the exposures to which an individual is subjected from birth to death.

By focusing on an approach to improve and coadiuvate the reparative processes of inflamed and sensitive skin, ROELMI HPC has developed SynerSHIELD Pro capable of preventing damages induced by sun rays by stimulating and improving the natural immune defenses of fragile skin. It is, then, possible to limit the skin damage and consequently balance commensal bacteria by using cosmetic products suitable for your skin. Within this context, active ingredients such as AEctive® manage to rebalance the microorganisms’ micro-environment while preserving their osmotic balance and vitality. Therefore, we firmly believe that future researches should be focused on a better understanding of the interaction between distinct exposure factors and the resulting effects on skin aging to develop new studies and anti-aging strategies.

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