SINut – Italian Nutraceutical Society – was founded in April 2009 as a non-profit association to promote research and studies in the nutraceutical field. Nutraceuticals – a new discipline, rapidly developing worldwide – studies the extracts of plants, animals, minerals, and microorganisms, used as isolated nutrients, supplements, or specific diets.
Nutraceuticals have beneficial effects on health, particularly for preventing and treating chronic diseases.

By establishing and coordinating targeted scientific programs and bringing together scholars from different disciplines, SINut wants to stimulate scientific and didactic activity in this field. It also undertakes to promote courses and congresses at a regional, national and international level. Every year it becomes the organizer of the National Congress of Nutraceuticals. The event will take place on 4 – 6 November 2021 in the amazing location of the Hotel Savoia Regency in Bologna.

ROELMI HPC is glad to be part of the event, together with our Market Manager for Nutraceuticals, who will guide us through the gut-brain axis and the use of probiotics with new clinical evidence for stress management. Indeed, stress and related sleep disorders are becoming the damage of our time. If not taken seriously, this condition is accompanied by a depressed mood, increased anxiety, and impaired long-term memory for emotional stimuli. Nevertheless, inadequate sleep can affect hormone levels negatively on weight, blood pressure, and immune system. Thanks to our deep research, we can count on the helpful support of SynBalance® KeepCalm, the probiotic complex balancing the gut-brain axis and studied for stress relief.

Follow the drop: November, 4 2021 at 5:10 PM

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