The “orange peel” skin is the main blemish of cellulite. While not representing a pathological condition, it is often considered a cosmetic unacceptable problem, with a complex and multifactorial etiology.

If the genetics and hormonal changes are intrinsic factors, whose effects can be limitedly controlled, it is possible to actively act on one’s habits diet and physical activity level to prevent them from the onset. To contribute to the effectiveness of the results, this approach can be integrated with complementary solutions and to overcome the the limit of topical application and exercise systemic action on the body that go beyond the simple draining effect. For these reasons, an innovative nutraceutical concept for oral intake has been developed.

SelectSIEVE ® Rainbow, based on the synergy polyphenols, anthocyanins, bromelain and fibers, is a clinically proven solution for the treatment of cellulite-derived skin imperfections. The innovative formula is based on the complementarity action of the various active botanical extracts and allows it to carry out a systemic and complete action, stimulating the microcirculation and inducing weight loss, leading to body shape refinement through slimming effect.

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