We are honored to inform all our customers about this new publication appeared on the scientific journal “Molecular Nutrition & Food Research” – impact factor 4.3.

Dr. Arrigo F. G. Cicero and his team of scientists from Atherosclerosis Research Unit of University of Bologna (Italy) conducted the study. They aimed examining apple polyphenols’ effect on uricemia and endothelial function in a sample of overweight subjects. ROELMI HPC is pleased to get one of its active ingredients used in this valuable research: SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ, an apple (malus domestica) fruit extract isolated from 100% apple matrix through a proprietary ultra-filtration technology called GSMT™ (Green Selective Membrane Technology).

The scientific research was a two-phases study. The in-vitro experiment aimed to evaluate apple polyphenols’ ability to lower uric acid in comparison with a benchmark (allopurinol). The In-vivo study consisted in a randomized, double-blind, parallel placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 62 overweight volunteers, aged 18-70, with suboptimal values of fasting plasma glucose, randomized to 300mg apple polyphenols or placebo for 8 weeks (2 months of treatment, data collected at T0, T1 and T2).

Results confirm that Apple’s polyphenols (including Phloridzin, Chlorogenic acid and Quercetin) work synergistically to modulate the glucose absorption, lower postprandial glycaemic load and regulate insulinaemic levels.
Tested active ingredient demonstrates a valuable metabolic effect through:

  • A reduction of fasting glycaemia: -10.3% respect to basal value and placebo
  • An improvement of endothelial reactivity: +13% (SQRT V2/V1)
  • A significant reduction of serum uric acid: -14%

This new discovery allows new opportunities for subjects with both mild hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia!

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